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Orwell Pro Review

Orwell Pro, what on earth is it and why should I buy. To answer the first question, it’s a program published by Jason Potash, Marc Quarles and Jason Katzenback which can search article directories by keyword and produce a list for you to add to your website. It makes it extremely easy and does exactly what it claims to, allowing you to copy the html from your site, use it as a template and add the content to the page. You can then export the content in a number of different ways, text, html, WordPress and XSitePro. It also interfaces with Content Composer from the same publishers.

Now if you have been keeping up with current SEO trends, you might spot a small problem here. Actually it could be a great big problem. The search engines don’t like duplicate content, and may penalise a site with articles which have been scraped from public article directories. Does this mean that Orwell Pro has had it’s day and should be consigned to the ever-growing pile of ‘good ideas’ rendered useless by search engine updates? Well, no-ish. If you use it ‘out of the box’ then you may well get into trouble for duplicate content, but there are a couple of things you can do to get around it. At this point however, blogs don’t seem to be subject to the same scrutiny in terms of duplicate content, so if you have a WordPress blog, this could be a very useful tool.

For a start Orwell Pro has a handy button which checks the saturation of any article you load in Google, MSN and Yahoo. Although there is no indication of what is good and what is not, I would guess anything less than 100 instances has to be considered low saturation, and for a particularly good article you decide you want, it’s probably worth stretching a tad.

Secondly, Orwell Pro has a function to add what it calls a Commentary to each article. You could for instance add a paragraph or two to introduce the article, add keywords and maybe tie it in better to the overall ethos of your site. If you placed this before the article and put it in bold, then as the search engines consider the first few paragraphs to be important for ranking purposes, it would enhance the search engine ranking for that page. It would also mean that your content isn’t exactly the same as someone who has just used the article verbatim.

Although it’s not an advertised feature, you can also use it for research purposes to enable you to write your own content. If you have Content Composer it’s a lot easier, but you can export a bunch of articles to a text file and use it as a basis for writing your own article.

It’s worth noting that if you join the Portal Feeder program you get a copy of Orwell Pro free and if you already had a copy, you were offered a discount of the whole price against the sign-up fee for Portal Feeder. They didn’t have to do that, but it’s nice they did.

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