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For anyone running a website who is not completely obsessed with their subject, creating usable content is probably one of the biggest challenges, after all good website content is what gets you ranked high in Google and makes visitors come back. It’s easy enough if you have a hobby or interest you can blog about, I know since as a longtime Arsenal Football Club supporter I have plenty of opinions to use on my blog Arsenal FC Blog.

But what if you don’t have an interest or are a web designer working for someone who “wants a bit of content” on their site but you have no or little idea of the subject matter. You could Google a keyword and shuffle through all the sites that come up, after all it sometimes only takes a nudge and the words start coming. Not so good if you are working to a deadline though.

You can come up against the same sort of issues if you want to use article marketing to promote your site. Say you have identified a potentially lucrative niche but know little about it. You can of course pay someone else to create articles, but if you are just starting out or your budget is limited, you may not have that option.

Similar sorts of problems, but the same solution. I recently came across a program that I now find invaluable for just these situations. With Instant Article Wizard you input a suitable keyword or keywords and it trawls off into the Internet to get sentences that include your keywords. The results are ordered so that the phrases that start with your keywords are at the top with the rest below. You then get to choose your phrases to place in an introduction, a conclusion and sub-categories and save as a text file or copy to the clipboard. Obviously it still needs intelligence to choose suitable sentences and you should rework the copy a little to give it your own style. The good thing is that what you produce is genuinely unique copy that is only as good as you make it, rather than a scraped article that may have been used on numerous other sites. Of course you can always create an article specifically to submit to the article directories yourself and promote your site through it being used on other sites.

It is worth noting that this is a .Net program which requires that Microsoft .Net components be installed, so pre-XP systems will require a download to be installed first.

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