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Moonfruit Website Creator

Moonfruit are one the UK’s longest established net superbrands. Moonfruit enable people to build great websites simply and easily. Users do not have to know and understand html, they do not need to buy separate hosting domains and build software. Anyone and everyone can build a site. Moonfruit have over 500,000 customers worldwide.

Take the 14 day free trial to see for yourself, the user experience is amazing and anyone with no knowledge of programming can have a professional site within minutes.

Prices start at £2.99 per month or £26.99 per annum. Customers are offered a 14 day free trial to get them building, then they are asked to sign up to a package

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Moonfruit SiteMaker was first launched in January 2000 with the specific objective of removing technology barriers to web publication and allowing people to share their passions online.

Since then hundreds of thousands of users all over the world have built sites using SiteMaker, and continue to update and develop them with us everyday.

SiteMaker 4.0 is the latest in this award winning software series, and offers what we believe is the best online website authoring application anywhere in the world.

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