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Ratings Systems

Throughout the IBC site you will find some strange little icons. Just so you know what they are about, I’ll tell you. They are based on a highly accurate algorithm or my personal opinion. One or the other.

Mental Guru Rating

Each of the posts concerning Internet Gurus are rated with this symbol and the number of icons gives you their Mental Guru rating, easy huh? For those that care, yes I did get the idea from the late, great Marc Bolan.

Totally certifiable – A guru gets this ranking if they really know what they are doing and appear to be pretty successful at it.

Under strict supervision – Still pretty successful, perhaps not visibly at the top of the pile, but may be because they are self-effacing about it, who knows.

Need to take their medication more regularly – Maybe seem to re-hashing other peoples ideas at times, but either putting a new twist on them or presenting them in a simple way to newbies. This doesn’t make them bad people though!

Care in the Community – On the face of it only seem to re-hash other people’s ideas and serve them up lukewarm to newbies who don’t know any better or people with a kamikaze desire to max out their credit cards. If the ka-ching rating is low enough, may still be worth buying from.

Ka-ching Rating

Now to the important bit. If you want to buy stuff from these guys, how much is it likely to cost. Same as above, there’s an icon, the number of icons gives a clue. I’m sure you have got the hang by now. The rating applies to the most you’ll have to pay, everyone sells stuff off cheaply at some point, so I ignore that unless they make a habit of it. Chances are the good stuff costs.

If you know the phrase ‘bet the house on it’ then you will have some understanding of how much you may have to pay to get these products.

You may have enough left over to feed the family this month after paying.

Carry on making all your monthly payments, you’ll hardly have to tighten your belt.

If you like cheap, then this is your level. Whether or not you get a bargain depends on your definition of value for money.

Any articles with this icon are beyond cheap, they are free! Actually it may be a tip or advice and you may need to buy some software or service to take full advantage of the article. Just saying.

It’s A Wrench Rating

Some of the stuff reviewed is dead handy, some isn’t. The Its’ A Wrench rating is not surprisingly about how useful something is. Mostly the reviews are going to be about software, but there may be some online tools which get a going over as well.

Can’t live (if living is without you) – It may not be possible to continue to function without this. You know, breathe, eat, drink, that kind of thing. ‘Must have’ doesn’t begin to do it justice.

Where have you been all my life – Just tad short of absolutely vital, not worth selling family members for, but more than worth what you have to pay for it. May have a high degree of functionality, be easy to use or do something vital you didn’t know you needed to do until now.

Missing you already – Does exactly what it says it will satisfactorily and may do more as you get to use it. Otherwise it may be extremely useful but only in a small niche or for a short time.

Remind me who you are? – Either doesn’t deliver as stated, is outdated or is designed for a very specific and limited function. If it does what you need then worth the money, but there may be other options at a better price or more functional.