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iPhone Mail Display

August 17th, 2009

Weirdest thing happened recently. I was checking my email via the built-in Mail application on my iPhone and buttons at the top of the display changed from white text to grey. Since the background to the button is also grey it made the buttons a tad tricky to read. Worse than that, the background and text to the From and To boxes and the message title also changed colour, effectively making them unreadable.

When I tried to create a new message all the same things happened which meant I couldn’t see what I was writing. Now I don’t know about you, but it’s easy enough to misunderstand emails when the writer can see what they are writing. I thought this was a PR disaster waiting to happen so I stopped before I did anything I might regret and went in search of the root of the problem.

Having checked all the other apps and finding them unaffected, I searched on-line and come up with zilch. I then checked to see if there was something in settings I hadn’t seen which could be reset. Again nothing. So I reverted to the techies standard procedure, BRS. The Big Red Switch, also known inaccurately as the Big Red Button. I turned the iPhone off completely and then back on. Hardly need to say it worked. Guess the display settings for Mail it had gotten corrupted somehow and BRS reset it. In case you are wondering, the original BRS was the power switch on the original IBM PC. It’s the thing that techies told you to do, and still do, when they have run out of other options. Works more often than not unless your computer is in the middle of a disk access when things can get a tad messy.

Most recent free app time stealer I have downloaded is the Sky Sports Football Score Centre. Although it has the distinct disadvantage of having a head-shot of Jeff Stelling on the top of every page, it’s a pretty good way of keeping in touch when your iPhone is the only option.

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