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If you signed up for every mailing list in your search for better, more effective ways of running your Internet business, chances are you wouldn’t have time to make any money. What you would end up doing is reading a lot of emails about the same ‘ground-breaking’ new course, method, paint-by-numbers way of making squillions of pounds in one day.

Or you could just sign up for our list and only hear from us. So go on, sign up. Then you can get off of all those other lists and spend more time with your family, your hobby, your ______ (fill in your own blank, we don’t need to know!). We certainly don’t send a newsletter out every day, in fact you may not hear from us for ages unless we think there is something to tell you about.

Oh and we promise to never, ever, ever sell, rent or give away your details to any other organisation, company, business, person or life-force of any kind. Really, we’re serious.