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Kontera ContentLinks Pay Per Click

There are a great many people making passive income with Google AdSense, but did you know that AdSense is not the only pay-per-click game in town? Google’s recent change in terms of service have made it possible to make money from your site in new ways such as Kontera ContentLinks, a great contextual system that highlights words on your web pages and turns them into cash-generating clicks!

What Is Kontera ContentLinks

Like other contextualized ad services, ContentLinks relies on your content to deliver relevant, targeted ads that readers will click. Where it differs from just about every other form of contextual advertising though is that ContentLinks doesn’t place advertisements all over your Web pages.

There are no banners, no ad units and no text links placed at the side of your page, in the middle of an article or anywhere else on your site for that matter.

Instead, Kontera uses a mixture of technology and algorithms to decide what your page is about, then highlights some of the words you’ve already put on your page.

Only when the user places the mouse over those words does an ad appear related to that word’s meaning. The ad disappears when the user moves his mouse off the word or clicks the ad.

How do I learn about Kontera ContentLinks

Joel Comm, the world’s leading AdSense expert, has released a brand new ebook that shows you the secrets to making more with your website with Kontera ContentLinks!

Joel has already helped thousands of people make more with AdSense, and he has now turned his attention to helping people create multiple revenue streams. He’s already demonstrated that Kontera PAYS, so you don’t want to miss this!

Pick up Joel Comm’s Kontera ContentLink Secrets ebook today by clicking on the image to the left! It’s great value and I am sure it will help you increase your web site revenue!

In Kontera ContentLink Secrets, you will learn…

  • Why site publishers are free to use Kontera’s In-Text advertising without violating Google’s terms of service. This means a brand new revenue stream is right under your nose!
  • How to change the colors of links and tool tips, and choose the right colors to get the largest number of clicks
  • Secret strategies to control the location of your ContentLinks and the best places to put your ads
  • How to use keywords to increase revenues and build profitable new Web pages
  • The best number of ads to put on your ContentLink pages
  • Where to find crucial earning information you won’t find on your stats page
  • How to plan and structure your content to encourage ad clicks

And much, much more!

Paul Wood

Website design and maintenance

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