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Which Internet business opportunity is worth pursuing

I am afraid that this is one of those questions that cannot be simply answered, but with a bit of common sense, and a ruthless attitude you can make the right decisions for yourself. If you have been involved with trying to create an online business for any length of time, you will have signed up to any number of Internet guru mailing lists. Inevitably you will therefore receive a very large number of emails offering you untold wealth because they have provided great riches for the gurus themselves, a good friend or someone that mentored them. A common thread running through them all is that if you follow the program or join the membership site, it is only a matter of time before you can ‘sack your boss’ and go on holiday whenever you want.

Even without the healthy cynicism which is required to be in the Internet business, you have to figure that if it really was that simple, then surely many more people would be a great deal richer. The point is that you have to put a lot of effort into any business which you are hoping to support you by it’s income alone. Yes, there are many good ideas being pumped out to large and small email lists all the time, but the days of getting rich by doing little are really long gone. So what criteria can you use to evaluate any offer that drops into your Inbox?

1. Look at the offer and put it into the current Internet context. If it’s an old idea or a number of old ideas being recycled together, it won’t work and is not worthy of your cash.

2. Can you see how the offer will work with what you are currently doing. If it doesn’t, you will have to either build a parallel stream for your business, or dump what you have been doing. There are costs to both options you must weigh up. Think very carefully about buying something because you think you might use it in the future. It’s highly likely you won’t if you don’t have a clear purpose before you buy.

3. How many email lists are promoting the offer. If every list you are on is vying for your custom, there’s a big enough affiliate cheque involved to get gurus who claim to make very large amounts interested. Either it really is the best thing ever, or they are getting a hefty percentage for each sale.

4. Don’t be forced into buying because the price will soon go up. If it doesn’t give you any actual benefit, then it’s not worth it, regardless of how cheap it is.

5. The offer may actually be very valuable to you, but bear in mind every offer you get is either to make money or create a buzz prior to making money for the publisher. Whatever they say, they wouldn’t be offering anything if it didn’t benefit their brand if only to raise the visibility or acceptance levels.

6. Think before you click and if you can, go away and come back to the squeeze page and see whether it looks as good without reading the hyped up email first.

If you want to run a viable Internet business, you have to act responsibly and learn to make your own value judgements or your business won’t survive long, let alone grow. Except where you have paid a fortune to be personally mentored, you will not be able to get back to the guru and ask for advice every time you have to make a decision. So get used to making your own decisions, starting with what your business will actually be and therefore what you spend your money on.

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