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One of the big things for Internet Marketers is keeping up with all the scripts, programs and other handy stuff that they can promote. attempts to help you overworked IM’s by essentially giving you an affiliate shop set up and ready to go. Well kinda.

This is another in the long line of Joel Comm sites and as such is obviously designed to make him money, no big surprise there. However if you sign up you can earn up to 100% commissions on some products and earn second tier commissions from affiliates you sign up. So it may well make Joel a bit richer, but it can most certainly help your bottom line as well. You will need to have a Clickbank, PayPal, PayDotCom and DealDotCom account to make the most of it, but you’d have to have at least the first two if you’re in any way serious about Internet Marketing.

At the moment it has a special sign up offer, but even the regular monthly payment isn’t going to kill you and without too much effort you should be in profit pretty quickly. Have a look for yourself, it could be worth your while. gives the details and a chance to sign up.

You can signup for a 30 day trial for just One Cent..

Yes… that’s $0.01

but I don’t know if it will last much longer. You get an affiliate link and the opportunity to earn 100% commissions from anyone you refer to the site. Tell me it’s not worth doing when it only costs that much. Really!

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