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Reality check for online income expectations

It’s true to say that online marketers can have high expectations, work hard and spend maybe a lot of money, and still end up burned out, cynical and with nothing to show for it in the end. Why is this?

It’s to do with expectations. A simple Google search will provide more promises and guarantees of fabulous wealth than any one person can make use of in a hundred lifetimes. If you’re the sort of person who wants to make their own decisions, run their own business, then these options may look worthwhile if you buy the right course or follow the right program. Even normally cynical people can end up buying stuff just because they have hope. Hope that it will make a difference, and that hope circumvents their cynicism and normal defences because it might just work this time. Internet marketers are selling hope, not a course, not a program, just hope. Of course it is packaged in bright promises and pretty guarantees, but in the end all they are selling is the hope that by spending the money, you will be able to change something you have not been able to heretofore.

So is this unethical, or even a problem at all? No, it’s not unethical as long as the program can, or has delivered to the extent claimed. The border of ethical selling is some place around whether the results can be replicated for someone else, and if not, whether it is made clear that this may have been a one-off due to favourable circumstances or suchlike. The border is crossed when the results cannot be replicated, but it is still claimed to be an effective method.

Whether the way something is sold is a problem depends on how you view it. With eyes wide open and a mind in gear, you should first question what is your motivation for purchase. Is it something which will maybe be of use in the future (questionable basis for purchase), or something that will facilitate what you are doing or hope to do now. If it’s the latter then it needs to be something that will not detract from your primary focus.

Whilst spending money to make money can be a reasonable business tactic, you need to know how that money will come in and what to do when it doesn’t. If you have affiliate accounts and sell other companies goods,what percentage will you make on each sale and when will you recoup the money you are spending. Too many would-be marketers set something up and hope it will work. In all but a few cases it doesn’t because at least at the beginning you have to constantly check what is going on and make changes. Sure if you hit a deep pocketed niche you can make a killing pretty much automatically once you have set up sites to attract that niche. Trouble is no-one is going to tell you what a valuable niche is, they take a lot of finding before you even start to think of how to service that niche.

This may all come across as negative, but look on it as the antidote for the wild claims of easy money. Yes you can make a decent living on-line, but you normally have to know what you are doing and have some idea how you will achieve it, just like the real world in fact. Opportunities to sell on the Internet can only increase, make sure your expectations match reality and you can be part of it.

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