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Now I do see the irony of writing on this topic when all around, Google Adsense may be trying it’s best to direct you to ways of making money online. None the less I will continue.

If you are anything like me, you have received emails from all sorts of very excitable people promising you untold wealth if you just click on the link. Just to clarify, I’m not talking about the ex-bodyguards, nephews, cousins, etc of foreign despots who just need to have your bank account details or a small deposit to cut you in on a fortune they have stumbled over. No, I’m talking about the Guru’s who peddle their guaranteed money making systems and have themselves made an absolute fortune.

They are easy to spot, they use phrases like “Explode your earning potential” and “Take your wealth to another level”. They have squeeze pages which could have been written by Tolstoy if the length is anything to go by, designed to have you gasping to use your Paypal account or credit card by the time you have read all the way to the end. If you read this stuff, it could be basically said in a few paragraphs, and frankly I have no idea why they almost all insist on pages of quite this length. Most normal people would scroll to the bottom of the page, make a decision based on whether they could or wanted to afford what was on offer, and click or close. They also seem to have some pretty universal price points such as $97, which remind me more than a little of shops knocking off a penny so it doesn’t look like you are spending as much.

It may appear from what I have said so far that I have a bit of a downer on these guys, but that is only partially true. It is really easy to spend lots of small amounts, end up on numerous mailing lists and never have the time to do anything with all the programs, zip files and pdf’s which are by now filling up your hard drive. This happens because they are very good at selling, and you can learn something from that if you want to make money online. Never be afraid to ask for money if that’s the point of your website.

It is even possible to get something worthwhile off some of them, but to do so you need to make sure of one thing. Decide what your website is about, stick to stuff which will help you fullfill your vision for your website and don’t be sidetracked by offers that take you in a different direction, no matter how good a deal they seem.

Check out the Internet Gurus section where I name a few names of sites and sellers whom I believe to be worth a look at and why, and point out some of the other ones as well.

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