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Internet Marketing Myth, IM-Myth report

So what if you had just sunk the house and your kids inheritance into a bunch of Internet Marketing Cd’s DVD’s and systems, and someone told you that Internet Marketing was not a business in itself?

Well that’s the gist of a new IM-Myth report report by a guy called Russell Brunson available for free. It’s worth a read for the price alone, and of course there is an immediate upsell although it’s only $1 initially. You also get a one-off opportunity to subscribe to a IM magazine which I didn’t, but others may find useful. The main upsell though is for an upcoming site which suggests becoming a millionaire in one year. I say suggests because at the time of writing there was precious little detail and the big hook is that it involves techniques which have made one unnamed guy $100 million. Of course for Brits that’s only £50million, still not exactly chump-change though!

So back to the report, is it worth the time to read it? You could argue that it doesn’t really add anything new to the IM knowledge base and that’s true to an extent. What is does do is add a slightly different slant in how to run offline aspects of a business starting with IM, and in that it is worth the read. It’s pretty short and to be honest it is padded out a tad with images, but surprisingly some of the images do helpfully illustrate the text. It’s not going to change your world by itself, but it’s worth reading. Get your copy now, IM-Myth report.

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