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Directory Submitter Review

Submitting your website to online directories. Why bother? Well Google loves loads of one way back links, reciprocal linking just doesn’t do it any more. So getting good quality backlinks to your site may be a necessary part of building traffic, but most website owners would rather do just about anything else first. To be frank it’s a little short of exciting.

If you use automated directory submitters, you get absolutely no control over where the links are and what anchor text is being used, they won’t hurt you, but they may be of little use. So how do you personally submit to a whole bunch of search engines without losing the will to live in the process? I think I may have found the answer.

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Brad Callen has produced another of his little gems to help you with search engine type stuff. It’s called Directory Submitter and it takes the tedium out of submitting to online directories whilst still giving you full control. Quite simply you enter all the details for one of your sites as a ‘project’, you aren’t just limited to one. You then select a directory from the list provided and the program takes you to the registration page for that directory and fills in the details for you. Simple huh? All you have to do is fill in any Captcha anti-spam box and choose what category you want your link to go in and that’s about it.

So to sum up;

  • The directories and signup pages are provided
  • Your details are added for you
  • The directory list can be listed according to Alexa ranking or Google Pagerank
  • You can have confidence the software will be supported and updated
  • You get to try it for free!

There is no way of taking all the tedium out of submitting to directories, but Directory Submitter does the best job to date.

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