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AdSense Secrets 4.0

So there’s a new version of AdSense Secrets published, what’s the big flap about? Well, it’s been a while since version 3 and if you’re in any way into Adsense then you will know there have been a few changes. So if you already make money from Adsense and want to make more, or want a slice of the action for yourself, then you need this book. It is of course written by the best-selling Adsense author Joel Comm and what he doesn’t know about Adsense probably isn’t worth knowing.

So you get a renowned expert, and updated classic, what more do you want. How about a price of $9.95? And for us over this side of the pond that really equates to pocket change. You get a bunch of quick action bonuses, some of which may actually be useful to you. But don’t be swayed by the bonuses, get the book, I did.

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