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4 pointers to blog writing

For many potential bloggers, the blank page is the biggest hurdle, so how can you overcome that, develop your style and get used to writing to a consistent level on a consistent basis? The simple answer is to just start, but if you intend to write a blog to support your business, you may feel that you would rather make your mistakes away from any direct connection with your product or business. Here are four steps which will help you make a start and quickly improve.

Start a blog
Seems obvious, but just start blogging about anything that you know something about. Once you have the blog up and running you can get used to the discipline required and develop your own writing style. As an example, I started a blog about where I live I purchased the domain name, installed WordPress and started blogging. Doing it this way means that all I have to come up with are observations about daily life in a smallish coastal town in England and write about them. It may not be riveting, but the point is that it gives me a source of material that I have to shape into something readable. This sort of blog may never get a large audience, but the fact that it is live adds a certain compulsion to write for it. If I were just writing for myself without publishing it, there would be a greater chance of stopping through lack of motivation.

Write the way you think
For some people this may seem like a really bad idea, but the idea is to make your writing both unique and sustainable for you. If you try and copy someone else’s style, you will not know how to express yourself within that style and you will end up as a very pale imitation of the writer you are trying to emulate. That’s not something many people will go out of their way to read.

Always read before you post
I don’t know how many times I have read a blog or article which has been marred by misspelling or the author copying and pasting a phrase twice and not editing the result properly. It is always possible to alter a post you have made, even after you have posted, but with WordPress you can preview the page before actually publishing it. For some reason mistakes that you have not noticed in the editing window show up when you see the post in context, so always preview before posting and if you are as cautious as I am, read it again after posting. You will also notice problems with readability that you hadn’t noticed before and can correct them to make the writing flow better.

Alter the size of the edit box
Finally a practical point. If you are using WordPress, the default editor size is quite small and it is difficult to keep the sweep of the post as you have to scroll up and down to read it too much. Fortunately you can increase the number of lines by going to you WordPress control panel and clicking on Options and then Writing and you can increase the size of the post box there. I find 20 is a reasonable line number, but you should may your own mind up on it.

Having a developed a style and become used to the discipline of blog writing, there are a number of ways you can make your blog more search engine friendly. This means that people can find it more easily, and I will cover this in future articles.

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