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A different kind of site to the others. It offers all kinds of stuff to download such as ebooks, programs, courses with varying degrees of ownership. Some give you resale rights, others give you master rights. Depending on the package rights you can start your own ebook shop, or software publishing company as examples. It means if you want to sell stuff but can’t produce your own, you will be have product you can make money from. As ever, he’s affiliated to a number of other publishers, but if you can sift the must-haves from the also-rans, you could well find this site just what you need.

Usefully many downloads are reviewd and rated by other members of the site so you get an idea of their potential value to you. The risk with this site is you download a load of stuff which sits on your hard disk collecting virtual dust and never again sees the light of day as you forgot you downloaded it. There are different levels of membership which allow you access to more material for which of course you have to pay.

Aside from emails which tell you that new material has been added (useful, if numerous) and emails which notify you of affiliate offers (variable, not as numerous), you normally get informed of some offer or other on quitting as well. Which of course you can always ignore.

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This is one of a series on Internet Gurus, people who consider themselves, or are considered by others, to be knowledgeable in the Internet business world.

I have to say right off that these are my personal opinions formed by my personal experience and should be treated as such. Non-inclusion of any one particular marketer or site does not equate to disapproval, maybe I have just not come across them yet. Likewise inclusion should not be understood to be a whole-hearted recommendation (unless I say so!).

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