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Expert Reviews – Eric Holmlund


This guy has joint-ventured with Joel to produce Instant AdSense Templates (sorry this leads to an interminable page, just scroll to the bottom) which I used as a basis for this blog. Since I host and design sites, I could have done this without a template, but why bother if someone has done the boring bit first? You can always customise it as I have done. Apart from that, he makes a point of being clear about what he is reviewing, if he doesn’t like it, he says so. Very helpful in deciding if a product is worth buying. He also operates as an affiliate for other publishers.

Fortunately you don’t get a mass of emails, and the emails you do get are short and point to his blog which is his primary means of communication with the world at large. This means you don’t have to read through a great long email in case it has anything of use, you read the email and decide whether his site is worth a visit that time.

Like Joel, I have more recently become a tad annoyed at the attempts to make me jump through hoops to get more free Adsense templates. They invariably lead to other ‘free’ offers which are in reality just affiliate links or list building exercises for someone else.

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This is one of a series on Internet Gurus, people who consider themselves, or are considered by others, to be knowledgeable in the Internet business world.

I have to say right off that these are my personal opinions formed by my personal experience and should be treated as such. Non-inclusion of any one particular marketer or site does not equate to disapproval, maybe I have just not come across them yet. Likewise inclusion should not be understood to be a whole-hearted recommendation (unless I say so!).

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