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Expert Reviews – ‘Victoria’


If you don’t have a clue about Internet Marketing, then you may find it a useful place to start. It covers list building, automation, direct mail and other basic stuff. There is little in Duvet Dollars that you can’t find out for yourself for free, however if you want to save yourself some work then it may well fit the bill.

Most Internet Gurus like their faces splashed all over their sites as their personality is often part of the brand, not so Victoria. In fact there have been rumours that there is a good possibility that ‘Victoria’ is a front for Chris McNeeney of Day Job Killer fame. The reason for these suggestions is that should you buy the Duvet Dollars product, you may be contacted by their ‘coaching and mentoring company’ to see whether you would like to be considered for a mentoring program they run. Previously people who had purchased DJK have reportedly been contacted in the same way.

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This is one of a series on Internet Gurus, people who consider themselves, or are considered by others, to be knowledgeable in the Internet business world.

I have to say right off that these are my personal opinions formed by my personal experience and should be treated as such. Non-inclusion of any one particular marketer or site does not equate to disapproval, maybe I have just not come across them yet. Likewise inclusion should not be understood to be a whole-hearted recommendation (unless I say so!).

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