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Use Adsense channels as hit counters

OK, it’s not the primary use for Adsense and if you want to be serious about your website stats then you have to use Google Analytics or something similar. However Google Anaylitics in common with most stats packages won’t give you an immediate idea of how many hits you are getting. Enter Adsense URL channels.

To be honest if you are using Adsense and aren’t using channels then you are missing a whole bunch of useful information. Like how many hits each site is getting. Of course if you only have one site then channels won’t apply right? Wrong! You can set up a URL channel to track individual pages and any subdomains you have. Did you also know that if you set up a URL channel for you will also track subdomains such as as well? However if you track you will only track the pages in the main domain, but not any subdomains.

So go to your Adsense control panel, click on AdSense Setup and then Channels. Choose URL channels and step through the simple setup process. If you now return to Reports, Overview page, you will see that you have channels now. You will see AdSense for Content top channels with a total page impressions. Click the top channels link and you will get the highest performing channels listed individually. You now know what websites and/or pages are performing the best right at this moment or for specific historical periods.

That can be pretty useful if you’ve made a major change and are anxious to know what’s happening or a blog post and want to know if it’s getting hits. But there’s more. Click on Advanced Reports and under the heading Show, you can choose to create and save reports based on one or more channels. There’s a lot you can learn about what you site is doing by using Adsense, and of course if you’re getting it right on the page, you’re making money too!

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