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The most important word in business

No it’s not ‘profit’ or ‘money’ or anything like that. The most important word in business is really small and seemingly insignificant, it is the word ‘if’.

So what makes such a small word so important? It’s importance lies in the way you use it, because the way you use it reveals how you think.

If you are inclined to say something like “If only …..” then the chances are that nothing is going to change for you because you are not grasping the nettle and taking responsibility for you own situation. What you are doing is hoping something will come up which will change things for you. With this mindset it is impossible to make things happen because you are not looking to yourself as the source of the change. This means that you be able to follow through on something you are working on to it’s completion because at some point it will rely on circumstances outside of your control to change. If you want to make a difference, you cannot rely on what you cannot change, you can only rely on the things that are under your control. This doesn’t mean that serendipity never happens, or that it is unwelcome, but you can’t rely on it.

If your paradigm causes you to think “If I can …..” then you are in much better shape already. It doesn’t guarantee success by any means, but at least if you fail, it’s not because it is something you could never have achieved by your own efforts anyway.

So give it some thought. How do you use ‘if’ and are you hoping for something that may never happen or hoping to make things happen?

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