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Matt Bacak – Internet Marketing Dirt Review

Subtitled as “Confidential Conversations With An Internet Millionaire”, Internet Marketing Dirt is a printed periodical that claims to give you the inside track on how to be a successful Internet Marketer. So does it?

Well as in all such claims, there is no straight-forward answer. Averaging approximately 26 pages per issue, it’s mostly text with a few colour images and diagrams. The typeface is to my mind a tad larger than it needs to be, but is readable which I guess is the main point.

One thing missing is an index, so you don’t know what is in the issue apart from what is mentioned on the front page in a ‘Note’ from Matt, but not linked to page numbers so you can go directly to the article. This is annoyingly printed in a hand-written style font which I assume is to give it a personal feel, but actually has the effect of making it look a little amateurish.

That aside, what about the content, is it of any benefit? Well it’s sourced from a number of places, mostly the writers appear to be already running a business of some sort as evidenced by the bylines complete with url’s. They cover a multitude of subjects including in the latest issue at time of writing, dealing with affiliates and the inevitable SEO and social marketing tips. If you are just starting out and hope to glean information as to how to take the first steps, Internet Marketing Dirt may not be the most straight forward way to try and find it. Yes there are some articles about pretty basic stuff, but you would still have needed to have been around the Internet Marketing scene for a while to know why you needed to do them, or why they are important, and probably already be running a business to take the maximum benefit from the articles.

If however you already have a business, especially if you are creating ebooks or other written products, you will find some gems of information on how to maximise income from them, such as creating versions for other media like podcasts or video. Sometimes it looks like the writer is stating the blindingly obvious, but given a pause for thought, you realise that it’s only obvious because you have just been told it and actually it’s quite a good idea. What I did find it good at were links to sites which I had not come across before, many which make life a bunch easier if you are a small scale or one-person business. From time to time there are also special offers from the writers which may or may not be of benefit to you, but the cynic in me is inclined to think they are list building exercises. Still don’t let my cynical side convince you that you can’t get benefit even from the most blatant list building if it supplies what you need.

As with many non-specialist Internet Marketing publications, each month will be a mixture of the useful and the barely interesting dependent on your focus. It won’t change your world and make you a millionaire, but it will give you signposts along the way which may help you do what you do a bit better. I was charged $29.97 per issue although it says $79 Value on the front page. I wouldn’t have paid $79 per issue, because I don’t think it is worth that, and I can’t see why they bother putting it on there. Other than to try and convince you that you would have to pay that if you un-subscribe from the special offer price of $29.97 and want to re-subscribe at a later date. But at $29.97 it’s worth a punt and currently you can get your first copy free with various bonuses thrown in.

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