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Joel Comms Top 1% Report Review

If you have been around long enough to see the rise and rise of InfoMedia to it’s present Inc. manifestation, you probably know quite a lot about it’s figurehead Joel Comm. Whilst it would be unfair to say that you never see the words ‘Joel Comm’ and ‘bandwagon’ without each other, it is nonetheless true to say that he has been involved in a number of initiatives over the years. That’s no bad thing since being the first mover in a particular area can be great if you get it right, less so if you don’t. Works pretty well for your acolytes though as they get to learn about your mistakes without having to repeat them personally.

Whether or not helping people not make mistakes is in Joel’s personal mission statement I can’t say, but it is effectively what he does, and you can’t fault someone for that. Many people now making income from Adsense have cause to be grateful to Joel and it may be that his new Twitter focussed book Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time may do the same for that sector. But what about Joel Comm’s Top 1% Report with it’s tagline “Serious Internet Business Strategies”. Is that going to change anyone’s life for the better? Well, no. At least not by itself.

The Top 1% Report consists of (shortish) articles from Joel and some of the other main luminaries of InfoMedia Inc and guest writers concerning their own areas of expertise. Now I wish others offering advice would stick to that idea, novel as it may seem for some of them. What you get is the integrity of reading someone who has already been there, done that, and has probably sold you the t-shirt (or study guide) as a result. It is however what you might consider a mixed blessing in that it means that in any one issue you have a very broad spectrum of subjects covered, which inevitably means some of them won’t be relevant to you at this time. What you think of that depends on whether you think it gives opportunity to consider other potential aspects of your business or leads you away from the main and the plain issues you need to be focussing on. If I were cynical I would be thinking it comes down to that’s what it takes to fill an issue as narrowing the focus probably makes the whole thing unprofitable as you’d have to publish niche magazines. But more of that aspect a little later.

I mentioned that the articles are fairly short and from my personal point of view I wish they were a little more in-depth, particularly when considering how to implement specific strategies. I wouldn’t expect a step by step guide, because this isn’t what the publication is about, but there is a tendency to gloss-over aspects in a sentence or two which really have you saying “Yes, but how?” by the end. It’s a danger for this type of publishing, but it is still frustrating when you read about something interesting which concludes with a line like “You’ll have to adapt this to fit your model” when it’s not clear how that might be achieved.

This may sound a little short of fulsome praise, and I suppose in some ways it is. I have been used to a very high quality from Joel, and whilst very readable, it still feels like the Top 1% Report is missing a tad. Overall it feels a bit more like a digest than an empowering publication. However maybe I am just expecting more than it should reasonably be expected to deliver, and the idea may just be to get readers thinking for themselves rather than spoon-feeding. It is this aspect that keeps my bad cynical twin at bay, I really have to assume that they’re not just throwing together a publication to make a fast buck and then shut down. I choose to believe that the intention is to bring a holistic view of Internet business so the subscriber doesn’t get broadsided by stuff outside of their paradigm, and to suggest other avenues or strategies that might fit. I still wish there was more detail though….

If you are already somewhat involved in the whole making money from the Internet thing then it’s worth subscribing as long as you don’t expect to get an MBA in Internet business by reading it each month. If you are just starting out then it’s probably also worth a punt, but I suggest you have Google ready as you may not understand some of the phraseology or concepts. It could be better, but as we Londoners say, “It ain’t ‘arf bad”. That’s positive by the way. One thing you do get as part of your subscription is free membership of but I suggest you take that out of the equation and make your purchasing decision on the publication alone.

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