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Dedicated server benefits

Not too long ago a client outlined to me their plans to use podcasts more widely to enable better communication with their target audience. They were also looking to facilitate their in-house communication better and so were looking at using collaborative groupware. At the time they were using a shared host and my advice to them was to move to a dedicated server. Once you look at the price difference you might ask why, which is exactly what they did.
So in no particular order, since it depends on your own situation as to what is more important, here are some of the advantages of using a dedicated server package.

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You are the only person running scripts on your server, or put it another way, if the connection to your database stops working, it’s your problem, and not because someone else on the same server is trying their first faltering steps at programming. Or for that matter it’s not because someone else is using their server to send spam or stream multimedia. All these things (and so many others) can cause your website to slow to a crawl and maybe stop serving pages altogether. It’s then down to how quickly your host can sort out the problem if you are on a shared server with upwards of a couple of thousand other sites all vying for server resources. Not so if you are on a dedicated server since as only you are running anything, there’s only one account to check.

If you get successful and get a lot of traffic, you may find that you outgrow the capabilities of a shared account. Depending on your host, the first thing you may know about it is when your site disappears or your credit card gets charged for excessive bandwidth. Neither ideal if you are trying to grow your Internet presence!

Most dedicated servers can be customised to your specifications within reason in that you can change some of the fundamental settings which may not be available to you on a shared server.

You can also install and run programs which cannot be installed and run on a shared server and will enhance your ability to communicate with staff and/or clients. These would go ‘way beyond scripts that you can install on shared servers which don’t allow that depth of access to the operating system.

Dependent on your agreement with your dedicated server hosting company, you may be able to recoup some of the cost by reselling space or services to other companies or individuals.

So if you have a small, non database driven site which never seems to slow down and you don’t intend to ever change, stick to a shared host, it’s all you are ever going to need. If however you are already finding your site is too slow, or stops working due to nothing you have done or you have a massive product launch coming up, you need to consider a dedicated solution as an option.

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