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How to blend Google Adsense adunits with your content

First question I suppose may be ‘why would you want to?’ Simple really. You have taken a great deal of time and effort to design your website with colours that work together and give it a certain look and feel (you have, haven’t you?). Google’s standard adunit colour scheme is not bad for a generic look, and visitors will have seen it enough to know what it is, but since you can change almost every aspect of the colour scheme quite easily, why wouldn’t you.

Simply log into your AdSense control panel and change whatever you want to. In the AdSense setup section, click on AdSense for content and I suggest you go through the wizard if you’re uncertain of what you are trying to achieve. Otherwise click on the Single Page link and you can see all that you can change in one go. Fortunately there is a sample where you can see what horrors you may have created before going live.

Once you have crafted your perfect colour match, save it as a new palette so you can use it again later, it’ll save having to recreate the colours every time. It will also help in using the channels feature if you need different colour schemes for different pages or have more than one website.

If you are using adlinks rather than adunits, you can disguise them to the extent where visitors click on the links because they think they are part of the navigation. Whether you think this is an OK thing to do depends on how well Google dishes up relevant ads and whether you feel it’s a little sneaky. Just one little point whether you use adunits or adtext, your visitors know that links are blue and underlined because they are generically, and they know they should click on them. Don’t disappoint them and make it harder for them to click on the links, keep them blue and underlined unless there are good reasons not to. That way everyone is happy!

I can’t cover all the aspects of Adsense here, I suggest you get Adsense expert Joel Comm’s Google AdSense Secrets 3.0 ebook

Paul Wood

Website design and maintenance

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