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MyContactStation – Secure Website Forms

So why on earth do you need someone else to provide the code for a secure contact form for your website. You’re a third dan web programmer (in your eyes at least) and knocking together a form is simple. Right?

OK, you know the score. You open your email first thing in the morning and there’s a mountain of spam, you get a spam-blocker or increase the sensitivity of your ISP’s filter and wait for the next clever ****** to invent spam which gets around the current filter technology. Sound familiar?

So where did the spammers get your address? Well at least one spammer at some point harvested the address from your website and used it, sold it on and you end up with more spam than Tesco’s. Actually I don’t know if they sell it or not, but you get the idea! So a different question arises, why would you not want someone to provide the code for a secure contact form for your website?
It’s too late for the addresses which may be dead in the water, but you still want your website visitors to interact with you. What do you do? Taa daa! Joel Comm to the rescue with MyContactStation for only $7, a secure means of having your visitors talk to you without the risk of spammers harvesting your address. If you either can’t or don’t want to mess around with scripts yourself, it’s a simple way of adding a secure contact script to your website. And it looks pretty when it appears and dims the website behind it (see image). It needs php to run so will be OK for all Linux/Unix server based sites and Windows servers running php. You’ll also need to make sure you have the GD2 graphics library support installed for the anti-spam code generation. Oh and don’t forget to remove your email link from the site after you install it!

So what do you get for your money, did I mention it is only $7, yes SEVEN DOLLARS.

Secure Contact Form – Enables your site visitors to easily contact you
Reduces Spam by preventing email harvesting.
Reduces Spam by using Captcha to block SpamBots from submitting the form.
Secure FeedBack Form – Get anonymous feedback from your visitors.
Use for any kind of questionnaire for quick feedback.
You can use one form/installation for ALL your sites.
Prevents PageRank Bleeding by using no-follow. An SEO Technique.
Beautiful Web 2.0 Look and Ajax Hover Display.
Works in All Major Browsers. Firefox, IE, Opera.
Simple and Quick Installation. Unzip > Edit a Few Files > Upload
Step By Step Installation Video and Installation Instructions..
Requires No Databases, Works on WordPress and Other Platforms.
Works Via PHP, GD2 Support Required

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