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For many people these days, how you create a website banner or logo is a real headache. If you have multiple websites the headache intensifies. You really have two choices, pay someone a bunch of cash to create them for you, or do it yourself.

Right, I hear you say, with my graphic talents they’ll look wonderful, not! As someone whose ideas commonly exceed his talents, I was faced with the same thing, and there’s only so many usable headers you can use in those massive web graphics programs. Enter stage left the quite remarkable Logo Creator program from the wonderfully titled Laughingbird Software company. Right here I have to declare a bias. Whatever you may think of the header graphic for this site, it was created using this software, in fact it took only a few minutes from start to finish.

Laughingbird Software's The Logo Creator v5.0

So why is it such a good product? Well it’s focused on doing what it does, and it does it well. It isn’t a meg-graphics do-all program, but then it doesn’t pretend to be. If you want a piece of software which produces all manner of logos with point and click usability from a professionally designed templates, you have to buy the Logo Creator. What’s more, there are a number of different versions to choose from dependent on what sort of graphic you are aiming at, or you can get the whole lot in one great package.

  • Create incredible logo designs that look like a professional spent hours on!
  • Get a portfolio full of logos that you can modify and customize yourself.
  • Create a new revenue stream, sell the logos you create to your own customers!

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Do you sell products or services that are ‘download only’ like software, eBooks, or subscription services? Do you offer your customers a newsletter? As an online publisher you may need graphics to illustrate your products. Laughingbird has that covered as well with the excellent Website Graphics Creator. You can now create your own professional virtual 3D Box – with your own custom images. Increase sales and bring attention to your ‘virtual’ products.

Design software boxes, CD jewel cases and eBooks that your web visitors can SPIN on your website!

  • Create a front and a back to the image.
  • Have your visitors view your eBook in 3D!

If you want to get your website noticed, you can also create flip books. A Flip Book is a set of images (that you create or import) that are placed in a ‘virtual book’ that your web visitors can ‘flip’ through. Pretty impressive!

Ka-Ching Rating

It’s A Wrench Rating

What do the ratings mean

Just to finish off the tour around Laughingbird Software, create instant Flash ads with the Flash Ad Creator and create matching Business Cards, Letterhead, Logos & Envelopes with the Corporate Identity Creator.

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