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Blogging on WordPress with the iPhone

Some things you end up doing just because you can. Other things because there is actual benefit in doing them. Using your iPhone to update your WordPress blog may just be somewhere in between the two.

But if it’s reasonably easy to achieve you just have to try it. Enter the free WordPress app for the iPhone. One thing you need to know is that it needs an up to date version of WordPress or else it plain refuses to work. I was a bit loathe to download and update my WordPress installation, but in the end it didn’t turn out to be as tricky as I thought. Basically if you have only hacked theme files, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. But that’s for another article.

So are there any advantages to using this method. To be honest the only major advantages are that it gets you away from your desk or conversely it allows you to get away from your desk and still update your blog from anywhere you can get a signal. I will shortly give a more in-depth review, but for the moment I wanted to make sure it actually worked. In case you haven’t gathered, this post has been written using this app.

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