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Private Label Rights

If you don’t have your own information product to sell online, Private Label Rights are an alternative to digging around on the Internet to put something together yourself. They are particularly good option if you just plain can’t write. Private Label Rights, often abbreviated to PLR, means that the original author or owner is giving you permission to change anything about the product, and resell the information as if it was created by you. In fact, subject to Terms which you have to agree to in order to obtain PLR, you are the owner of the material you obtain. Although on the face of it PLR looks pretty similar to Resell Rights, PLR products can be altered, whereas with Resell Rights you cannot change the content and have to resell the product as is. You no doubt notice the word ‘resell’ there. Actually with PLR, if the Terms allow it, you can give it away, but in the normal scheme of things, if you have paid for something, giving it away for nothing isn’t a great business model and tends not to increase profit.

Having said that, giving away a freebie can be beneficial, or just a nice thing to do, especially if you are kind-hearted like me. So click on the image for a free guide on everything to do with PLR, including the best bit, making money! Or to save it to your computer right-click this link PLR Cash Machines and choose the option in your browser that mentions saving. All joking aside though, this is a very good introduction to all things PLR, so if it’s an area you are interested in, this ebook is a great place to start.

How much is it likely to cost? Well anything from absolutely nothing to an awful lot for a detailed article or ebook. However normally speaking the cost of PLR material tends to be pretty reasonable. Just remember, if you want to resell, you have to think how much profit you want to make. If that makes the product too expensive for your customers, then move along, there’s no more to see!

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