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For the Internet business, this could be the best site you ever join. So what the heck is Free IQ? Well it describes itself as ‘The Marketplace for Ideas’ and that’s pretty much what it is. If you can imagine a cross between Ebay, Amazon and YouTube with a bit of Google thrown in, you’d at least be somewhere in the right territory. In truth it’s an absolute shedload more than that. You can just visit, view and buy, create and sell content and become an affiliate, with a two-tier affiliate payout. Pretty cool!

At it’s simplest, it will enable you to upload most types of media (video, pdf, audio) and give it away as an introduction to yourself or sell it. The cart is built in and accepts online payments. You may have noticed I haven’t mentioned physical stock, you can also sell that on Free IQ. Got a webinar coming up? Sell places for that as well. Best news is you are not limited to the length of video clip in the same way as you are with YouTube, so you can put a mass of content up on the site should you wish to.

It also has a lot in common with what is now referred to as Web 2.0, in that the content can be peer-reviewed and will be ranked accordingly.

If you want to know a bunch more quickly, there is an informative video available which gives an overview of the site, and what benefit it is for online businesses Kiss You Tube Goodbye. There is also a video of an interview with Brad Fallon by Joel Comm for more detailed info FreeIQ Revealed.

If you just want to view the site then go to Free IQ homepage or if you’re already convinced then Join now.If you want to find out more of what the affilaite program is all about, then take a look at the Affiliate Info.

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