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Expert Reviews – The Rich Jerk

The Rich

At first glance he comes across as both very rich, and a colossal jerk. But you know how first impressions can be misleading? This guy really knows his stuff and rumour has it he is really a quite decent sort to boot. If you want to know about the strategies he has used to get rich, then buy the his book, read it, then read it again, and then get to it.

You can see from any of his banner ads, he keeps in character for all online contact, and believe me, there are some none too subtle ads he runs. However he hasn’t got to be the top Internet affiliate by accident, and not only can you read about it, but you get to punt for one on one mentoring if you join his membership.

If you can get past his persona which sometimes tips well over the cliff edge of bad taste, then you won’t fail to learn about Internet marketing and being a successful affiliate. You just don’t have to act like him.

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This is one of a series on Internet Gurus, people who consider themselves, or are considered by others, to be knowledgeable in the Internet business world.

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