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Expert Reviews – Keith Wellman


I have to be honest, I haven’t had a whole lot of interaction with Keith. But giving him the benefit of doubt, someone who claims to consistently make $42,000 per month has to be doing something right. Turns out he was mentored by Mike Filsaime so that explains something right there.

He has a pretty good reputation in the community and has put together seminars with some of the top experts in their fields which seems smart to me anyways. His latest offering (at time of posting) is the Profit Creation Workshop which retails for a tad under $5000 but includes just about everything including hotel bills and food. Still might not sound too good, but there’s a real limited number of attendees so quality time with the mentors is better. There’s a bunch more stuff which really adds value, but although I really prefer the concept of mentoring and intensive kick start to a newbie business, I can’t really recommend this for the Brit marketer. Why? Simply because it includes 4 days intensive workshop in Atlanta, great if you can afford the air fair as well, but maybe a tad too far for most.

Anyway, I digress. Keith would probably get a four Mental Guru rating if I knew more about him, but he seems to be the real deal. My only caveat is how many emails I will be getting from him. So far one a day. If that carries on it may get a tad annoying, I’ll let you know.

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