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If you visit the site he proclaims himself as The Internet Revenue Expert. Now that’s quite a big boast, but does it hold up? I think the answer to that depends on where you are in your quest for global domination. If you are just starting into this game then yes he probably does deserve to claim that title. My overall impression is that he is all about ideas as to how to leverage whatever he comes across as a means of either promoting traffic or selling stuff. His main area of expertise has to be Adsense and he has written ebooks and had one published which got to be a best seller in the real world. He has also experimented with social networking sites as a means of promoting traffic and is an affiliate for a number of other guru’s so expect emails promoting other people’s stuff if you sign up. Most impressively for me, when I had reason to contact him, he replied personally a couple of times. Not a bad place to start. The alert amongst you may have noticed a banner ad for Joel’s Adsense book. In my estimation if you want to know how to leverage Adsense on your site there is no better place to start.

He has got me a tad anoyed at times in trying to sell me new stuff or packages of old stuff which also have links to other ‘free’ stuff which requires signing on to someone else’s mailing list. Being pragmatic though, this is the way a lot of these guys make their money, so I guess if it gets too annoying, you can just unsubscribe.

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