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iPhone 3.0 update

So it’s arrived, the much heralded update to the iPhones operating system. Was it seamless, did it go smoothly, erm well no. I’m guessing there were a few bandwidth issues for the Apple validation server whereby it ‘temporarily’ wasn’t available for a lot of yesterday. Actually it was available when the update was finally rolled out, sorta. I was expecting the release date to be US time so wasn’t particularly surprised that it was early evening in the UK before I was told that yes, I could now update my iPhone. Except I couldn’t. The software download went smoothly and then it all ground to a halt.

Apparently Apple requires you to validate something you have already validated and throws its rattle out of the pram if you don’t, or in this case can’t. Considering the number of iPhones you see around, there was always going to be a scrum when the update got released. Shame Apple didn’t consider it necessary to deploy sufficient resources or give decent error messages to let you know what’s going on. To be honest, it’s something I find Apple are inclined towards, where they seem to have supreme confidence in their abilities and products to not bother with a fall-back. And yes, with both Windows and Mac machines sitting by my desk, I do know what I’m talking about.

So anyways, eventually having tried the Apple community site which had crashed due to weight of demand (clue there?) and kept on coming and going, I attempted to make sense of what I was seeing. There were various suggestions including shutting off Internet connection at crucial points, and whether it was that or I just lucked out and actually contacted the server, the update started.

It’s a scary thing when you get to a certain point and realise if anything goes wrong you have a very expensive doorstop. And at one point I thought I might have just that. The update had gotten to around 90% on the iPhone when it rebooted and seemed to start again. I had no idea whether this was supposed to happen, so just let it get on with it. I was getting rather more concerned when iTunes gave me an error that it couldn’t validate my iPhone because it couldn’t access it, possibly because there was an access PIN. Well there was, because it had rebooted, not really a great shock and having the process fall over and quit at the iTunes end was just another example of no-one doing a ‘what if’. Anyway my iPhone came back eventually and I unlocked it and nothing happened. So I quit iTunes, started it again and it awoke to the fact there was an iPhone connected to it. At this point it validated it and I could breathe again. I had my iPhone 3.0.

Was it worth it? Well if they had managed to magic voice recognition into it as well it would have been a totally unqualified yes. Whether that is technically possible I don’t know but a pity the didn’t if they could’ve. As it stands the changes are a progression rather than a revolution. The copy and paste is neat and works, once you figure a double tap is required to activate it. Could have done with an undo though and it doesn’t work with quite everything. Voice memo is kinda useful I suppose if you need it and the various other updates seem to work as advertised. What is probably the best feature though is that landscape mode is now available for emails. Now at last you can read emails without having either a magnifying glass or having to scroll horizontally. That alone was worth the hassle.

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