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Easyspace Broadband

Starter Package

An ideal package for anyone looking to get online quickly and easily. A broadband connection of 512Kb allowing you to connect to the internet, a FREE domain name and 500Mb web space to allow you to create your own internet presence and 10 Mailboxes, mail forwarding and access anywhere webmail to allow you to communicate with friends and family: wherever you are in the world.

Business Broadband

For those who work from home or run their own small online business, the Business Broadband connection offers an effective and efficient solution.

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A 1Mbps broadband connection allowing you fast access to the internet, mail forwarding, catchall accounts, webmail and 100 mailboxes allowing you to keep on top of your communications, 1Gb web space and database options allowing you to develop an advanced online presence, a FREE Top Level Domain name and various security features designed to protect you and your network.

Pro Broadband

Uploading photos, downloading MP3s, viewing movie trailers, shopping online are all simple with the Pro Broadband package.

The package includes a 2Mbps broadband connection allowing you to download and upload at high speed and a bundle of advanced web service features to allow you create your own interactive presence online, such as 5Gb web space, a FREE Top Level Domain, UNLIMITED Mailboxes, virus protection and a comprehensive support service.

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