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How to make your Adsense adunits work harder for you

What you hope for with Adsense is that you will be able to get the best income possible by getting the highest paying adverts shown in your adunits. Unfortunately Google doesn’t give you much in the way of being able to figure out what ads are paying the best and what size adunits are best for your situation.

Fortunately there is a tool which you can use which will help in this regard called AdSpyTracker which is a script (or program) you can install on your webserver which will give you much more detailed stats on your Adsense ads. It includes adunits, adtext and search stats and all you have to do is put one line of code in your webpage and it will report on all the Adsense ads on that page. In fact if you have more than one site, it will report on all of them for you with just the single installation. AdSpyTracker needs a Linux/Unix server to be installed on, but once installed, you can get reports on pages hosted on a Windows server just as easily. We use it.

So far as relevency is concerned, the url seems to be very important. That is why we have a page called optimizing-adsense.html on our website which gives Google an idea what it’s about. It would be better for our company to not be called Wood Communications as Google tries to make something of the bit as well. On our in-house test server we check to make sure that Google is serving up ads for Timber & Plywood Crates and the Price Of Wood. It’s only really amusing if it’s not your site that it happens to, so make a point of checking the ads you are being served!

I can’t cover all the aspects of Adsense here, I suggest you get Adsense expert Joel Comm’s Google AdSense Secrets 3.0 ebook

Paul Wood

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