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About the IBC

Online business. Ask someone you have just met what they are currently working on, and they will say they have a great idea for an Internet business. One which will allow them to give up their current job, even if they have a career that is paying well. Why do otherwise sane people completely lose it when it comes to the Internet? It’s because everyone wants to work for themselves and ‘everyone knows’ that you can do this through the magic of the Internet. They have a plan that means they can work from home initially and end up selling their multi-million dollar or multi million pound organizations to some megacorp and make their dreams come true. So they start off on a shoestring budget, create a site maybe with an online shop and start planning for their retirement.

OK, so maybe that sounds like a simplification, but to be honest, it’s pretty accurate for a lot of people who design their own website without any idea of search engine optimization, or how to get visitors to the site, sell to therm, and keep them coming back for more.

You may know someone like this, or be in the situation yourself. The good news is there is plenty of help out there on the Internet, the bad news is not everyone tells the truth. No, really. This is where the Internet Business Centre can help. There is a mass of info about monetizing your site, design, hosting, marketing and articles about other things you may not know you needed to know. You won’t find long and boring reviews, they are short and use the IBC ranking system to tell you what I thought, whether it’s a review of an Internet Guru, website, service or tool.

You will also find information on handy stuff like broadband, antivirus and many other areas which will hopefully stop you spending a shed load of money you don’t need to. And why should you trust what I say? Well I’m not trying to sell you something that is not possible. You can run an Internet business and make money online, you can make quite a lot of money online, but like any bricks and mortar business you have to run it like a business. That means asking questions like ‘Do I need to spend money to make more’ and pertinently, ‘Do I need to spend it now and on what’.

I hope I can help you through the maze that is the Internet and that you benefit from visiting this site.

Paul Wood

A little about me: I have been messing around with computers for longer than I care to remember, but if you know what a ZX81 was, you may have some idea. I work as a self-employed consultant and run a website design and hosting company and have done so since early 2001, having experienced the joys of working in computer maintenance and database programming previously. I now use affiliate accounts, Adsense and Kontera to add to my online income.